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When a warrant is issued, what needs to be done in order to get the warrants lifted without it affecting the permanent criminal history or driving record of the person in Carrollton, Texas?  Many people make the wrong decision when it comes to lifting warrants in Carrollton Municipal Court.  This article is to help those that have warrants in Carrollton, Texas understand what needs to be done to get the job done right.  If you would like to discuss your warrants in Carrollton with an experienced team of lawyers after reading this article call our office today.


Paying For Warrants In Carrollton

You know what happens when you walk into Carrollton Municipal Court and pay off your warrants or the warrants of friends and loved ones?  It goes on your record.  Many people choose to take care of warrants this way because they think it saves them money by not having to hire a lawyer.  Others do it because they are panicked about the warrant causing an arrest.  Both of these reasons are a huge reason why our office processes so many occupational license requests in Carrollton and the surrounding communities.


Once a ticket goes on your record after paying off the warrant, it is required to be reported to DPS.  DPS then can take their pound of flesh out of you as well.  Many times the penalties handed down by DPS are 3 – 4 times higher than any fine paid to lift a warrant in Carrollton.  For example, did you know that one of the surcharges that can be assessed against a driver for a single traffic violation is equal to $780.00.  If this fee is not paid to DPS after Carrollton Municipal Court reports the conviction, then the driver’s license of that person will be suspended indefinitely until it is.  All that money that was paid to Carrollton to lift the warrant was essentially wasted and caused even more money to be due to DPS in this scenario.


Filing Surety Bonds In Carrollton

Carrollton Traffic Attorney

Carrollton Traffic Attorney

The only real way to get a warrant removed in Carrollton and protect your driving record is by utilizing an experienced traffic ticket attorney.  Yes it is going to cost you some money.  No it is not going to cost you more than $780.00 that DPS will assess against you for certain traffic violations.  All you have to do is simple math to understand that this is usually going to be your best bet to protect your record.  So how is the warrant lifted by an attorney different than simply paying off the ticket?


An attorney is allowed to file a “surety bond” with Carrollton Municipal Court.  This bond is a promise.  That promise states that in exchange for removing the warrant for your arrest the attorney will appear at all future court settings to resolve your case.  This does not mean that the case magically disappears after hiring a lawyer.  It means that the lawyer can start the case over from step one as if you just received the ticket.  All of your constitutional rights you had prior to the case going into warrant are reinstated as well.


Basically, you get a “do over” for the entire case once a lawyer is hired to lift the warrants.  Again, the filing of the surety bond only allows the case to be placed on the docket as before the warrant was issued.  The case proceeds from there to determine if it can be dismissed or kept of the permanent driving record of the defendant.  The goal in every case is to ensure a clear driving record through dismissal or some other option available to the defendant.  For more information about taking care of warrants in Carrollton, Texas call our experienced team of attorneys today.