Avoiding Driver’s License Suspensions In Carrollton For Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Convictions In Carrollton

How To Avoid Driver’s License Suspensions


Carrollton Traffic Attorney

Carrollton Traffic Attorney

This article is intended to shed light on issues related to traffic ticket convictions in Carrollton, Texas and how to avoid convictions.  Carrollton Municipal Court has long been known as one of the most rigid courts in the North Texas area.  For this reason, you are going to have to have expectations that are in line with the type of court you are dealing with.  Your legal defense needs to be based on the reality of the situation in an effort to protect your driving record and ultimately save you money.  If after reading this article you would like to discuss your case with a traffic ticket attorney in Carrollton, feel free to FILL OUT OUR TRAFFIC TICKET QUESTIONNAIRE.

Traffic ticket convictions can only happen one of three ways.  First, if you just go down and pay the ticket off, then you are looking at getting a traffic ticket conviction.  The Code of Criminal Procedure Article 27.14(c) grants Carrollton Municipal Court the authority to count that payment as an admission of guilt.  This then allows Carrollton to report the admission as a conviction to The Texas Department of Public Safety.  Once the conviction has been reported, DPS will then determine what type of civil punishment should be assessed against you.  Some of the punishments handed down on a daily basis by DPS are as follows:

  • The Suspension Of A Person’s Driver’s License
  • Surcharge Penalties
  • The Requirement To Purchase and Provide DPS With SR22 Insurance
  • The Requirement to Obtain An Occupational License To Drive Legally

The days of paying off tickets is over.  You have to contest each and every violation no matter the charge in order to protect yourself from these very serious penalties.

The second way a conviction occurs is by doing jail time for a ticket and being granted time served.  This way is even worse than just paying off the traffic tickets because your liberty was taken away from you and you will still be required to deal with one or more of the punishments listed above.  This method does not save you money.  It will only cost you more money.  Don’t do it.

Carrollton Ticket Lawyer

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The third way a conviction is reported is when a deal is negotiated to keep a ticket from being reported as a conviction in Carrollton and you fail to adhere to the terms of the agreement.  For example, not turning a driver’s safety course certificate or failing to provide the court with proof of insurance or any other document requested.  If you enter into an agreement with Carrollton Municipal Court, you must make sure to follow through with any and all conditions set by the court or risk having your case reported to DPS.